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About SMT

About SMT


SMT(Surface Mounted Technology), is the most popular Technology in electronic assembly industry.The purpose is to put the SMT components in the appropriate position accurately, and then use the red glue and solder paste coated in advance to stick, and then through the reflow welding furnace, you can fix the SMT components on the PCB board, is to achieve high speed, high precision placement components equipment.

SMT SMT processing advantages: high assembly density, electronic products small volume, light weight, SMT components volume and weight only about 1/10 of the traditional cartridge components, the general use of SMT, electronic products volume reduction of 40%~60%, weight reduction of 60%~80%.High reliability and anti - vibration ability.Solder joint defect rate is low.High frequency characteristic is good.Reduced electromagnetic and rf interference.Easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency.Cost reduction up to 30%~50%.Save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time and so on.

The company currently has two high-precision automatic high-speed SMT machine, can meet the mass production, at the same time the production line smooth, to ensure the quality and quantity of regular completion of all orders!

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