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EMC test for power supply products

EMC test for power supply products


Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC test (test) is the full name of company Magnetic Compatibility, defined as "the equipment and systems in the electromagnetic environment can work normally and not anything in the environment can't bear the electromagnetic harassment" the definition contains two aspects of meaning, first of all, the device should be able to work under certain electromagnetic environment, that is, the equipment should have certain electromagnetic immunity (EMS);Secondly, the electromagnetic disturbance generated by the device itself cannot exert too much influence on other electronic products, namely electromagnetic disturbance (EMI).

With the development of electrical and electronics technology, becoming increasingly prevalent in household electrical appliances and electronic, radio and television, post and telecommunications communication and computer network increasingly developed, increasingly complex electromagnetic environment and deterioration, the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronics products (EMC, EMI electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic anti-interference EMS) problem is increasingly attention by governments and enterprises.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic and electrical products is a very important quality index, which is not only related to the working reliability and safety of the products themselves, but also may affect the normal work of other equipment and systems, and is related to the protection of EMC certification magnetic environment.In order to regulate the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products, all developed countries and some developing countries have developed electromagnetic compatibility standards.Electromagnetic compatibility standard is the basic requirement for products to work normally in the actual electromagnetic environment.

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