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Ding Hengyang


Founder and General Manager of Shenzhen Sanyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Before starting his business, General manager Ding just engaged in engineering work. In 2004, he resigned and founded "Sanyi Technology". Then, he started developing his business. At first , the situation was difficult and met all kinds of frustrations ,but he never give up. In 2006, he catched an opportunity and earned his first money in surveillance power supply. Sanyi Technology always focuse on product quality, which has been highly recognized by customers in the market. Since 2008, Sanyi Technology has been attending exhibition all over the world. After several years of development, the company has reached a new stage. 

Under the leadership of General manager Ding, "Sanyi Technology" will continue to provide green and safe power for the earth, and build a platform for employees to realize their life value. Having such a responsible and wise leader, we believe that "Sanyi Technology" can continue to develop and become a well-known brand in the power industry!




Sanyi Power Established

Founded in 2004, the company is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen.


Establish a research and development sales team

Sanyi power is positioned as a professional power product research and development company, and began to build brands


Was rated as Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise

Through continuous research and development and innovation, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen in 2008.


Established  Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd.

After several years of development, sanyi power has taken a new step. And in 2014, Hengyang Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.


Acquisition of Best Energy Co., Ltd.

In order to better carry out foreign trade business, the company successfully acquired Best Energy Co., Ltd. in 2016.


Factory relocation

Due to the growth of the business, the company moved its factory to Huiyang Economic Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The plant area has expanded and the number of factory personnel has increased, greatly increasing the productivity of the factory.


Customers' value is greater than everything

Customers' value is the core value of the company, and no customer has zero assets. To meet customer needs. We also support ODM services and OEM services
When a customer purchases a product, if there is a technical problem, the technician can provide the service, and a special after-sales team can help solve the problem of the customer's product parameters.
The product is renewed for one year, with a 3-year warranty. The principle of lifetime warranty.
As long as you purchase the company's products, continue to provide technical support to customers after the service period.

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