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On the aging of power supply products

On the aging of power supply products


For the power supply products, especially for the switch power supply products newly developed and put into production, in addition to the routine electrical performance test, but also the simulation environment for the stability and reliability of the product for the necessary test, which involves the aging of the product aging purpose;It is to adopt different forms of methods to carry out normal temperature aging, high-temperature electrified aging (medium temperature) high-temperature electrified aging;Currently, is widely used at home and abroad through high temperature aging process to improve the stability and reliability of electronic products, through high temperature aging can make component defects or quality product failure or defect caused by aging exposed, guarantee the products after subjected to the test of time as the power production enterprises, the aging of the products is a very important link, due to modern to the requirement of increasing the power supply products, using the environment is constantly changing, especially for the stability and reliability of the product, is the enterprise as the first condition of the product competition, so the link of product aging, general enterprises to adopt usual practice has the following kinds:

1.Normal temperature with aging: this is a kind of normal aging method and don't have special aging system, operation is simple, can achieve certain aging effect, this way of aging, at present there are a lot of enterprises to adopt, by adopting the working style of room temperature load aging is the deficiency of the largest energy consumption, especially to achieve a certain amount of aging, its the power consumption of more than 50% of the enterprise, general small and medium-sized enterprises or small power products production, is still using the traditional way of aging;This normal temperature aging, the role of the product environment temperature is uneven, there are high and low, so the general requirements of the aging time is 36-48 hours (many enterprises in order to save energy, usually only 8-12 hours of high temperature power aging);

2.Electrified aging at medium temperature:General power supply products, as long as the plug, can produce temperature rise, high temperature aging electricity, is through the rise of temperature of the product, to simulate the high temperature of products using the environment, according to different requirements, set the temperature of aging environment, such as general civil products or there is no specific requirement of power supply products, general aging temperature between 40 to 55 degrees, in such an environment, coupled with the rise of temperature of the product, still can achieve the same as the normal temperature load conditions of aging effects, such as power supply products, in the process of aging, the ambient temperature of 55 degrees, the rise of temperature of the product after electrify to 10 degrees, so, products for 65 degrees the use of the environment, the simulation effect of itOne kind of high temperature aging time, usually requires 12-24 hours;

3.High-temperature electrification aging;High-temperature aging electricity, general set of not less than 55 degrees temperature, the temperature of the set of specific requirements will be higher, more than 85 degrees to 100 degrees, in the process of high temperature electric aging, aging is divided into static and dynamic aging two kinds, one is in the setting of high temperature environment, electricity aging, make the product simulation environment to work in 65 degrees, aging time is 12 hours, the other is dynamic high temperature aging, is under the environment of high temperature, switching power supply, to impact the product with more harsh environmental conditions, this way is more close to the real various environmental requirements, as long as the quality of products or components, can be fixed by the oldThe way to expose the unstable products, this aging method is currently the most used, the so-called high temperature room, aging room, burning machine room have this aging method.

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